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Do you have this dream that you will arrive someday? Once you complete your mission in your business, that your work will be done? I do too. But I know that this kind of thinking is delusional. I hate to pop this lovely thought bubble, but there is no point where you arrive at your goals. In the ideal situation, you have long ago set new, higher goals, so by the time you arrive it is already old news, and you are still in that spot of working on something. Even if this isn’t the case, you find that when you get to where you are going, there are new problems to solve and new thoughts to manage. Either you peel back a layer of the onion on a block, or your personal life has a shake up, or there is a situation that is out of your control, and you find yourself right back at where you were. Striving towards something.

Now, this is not a bad thing at all! It keeps us growing and changing. Striving is actually a good sign. Because the alternative is stagnation. Both are uncomfortable. Alternating between the two is probably where we will spend most of our life, interspersed with brief moments of elation and success, sorrow and despair that round out the fabric of the emotional landscape. This, I would argue, is what makes us human. A life well lived means experiencing the whole range of emotion.

Learning how to live in the thick of it is really what most LOA teachers preach. Taking the good moments and squeezing them to the last drop and managing yourself through the bad moments. Coming to grips with our past hurts and traumas, while focusing on a beautiful future. This is life. But have you noticed that some do it a bit better than others? That some manage to navigate between the storms and sunny skies without too much turbulence? How do you get good at what Ed Mylette calls the “Blissful Discontent.”

There is a big difference between living a life on the default setting and taking charge of your manifesting. Whether you believe it or not, you are manifesting all the time. Intentionally or by default. So, I’m making a case for taking your own life in your hands and starting manage your thoughts and emotions so that you can live a greater, more intentional life. It doesn’t mean that we will never experience bad things again. Nor that you will always have positive emotions. But it does mean that you will take the control back. You will be able to manage yourself when those situations do come up. And, you will bring good things into your life.

Love Always,


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