The Illusive Quality of Focus

I have been accused of lacking focus at times. I was reading a bedtime story to my nephews. I like to embellish the story as much as I can. Side stories, comments about the characters, questions about what they would have done in that situation. You know. The good stuff. Stuff that makes it relational. They are getting older, and might I say almost (gasp) too old for bedtime stories. So they called me out on my lack of focus. And it kind of hurt my feelings when the next night, they wanted their mom to read the story.

But, I digress. See how easy it is? I think one of the main problems is that we assume we either have focus or we don’t, and that if we aren’t able to focus or maintain focus that its not going to happen. What I want you to realize is that focus is something you can develop. It isn’t rocket science, but it takes practice.

What is the most common thing that derails your efforts? I’m not talking about the little distractions, or day to day tasks that get in the way. I’m talking about the thing that brings your enthusiasm, and motivation to a screeching halt.

Your emotions.

Its not the situation. It’s the way we feel about the situation. Its how getting cut off in traffic can ruin our day. And can I be as bold as to say that if this happens often enough, it can ruin your life. You practice the feeling of anger, or hurt, or victimization, or lack of confidence. Or whatever your default emotional setting is. It is an emotional habitual pattern that we reinforce by practicing it. That is not a place where we manifest good things my friend.

What if I told you there is a tool to shift your default settings to positive emotions? It doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to get cut off in traffic, but at least it won’t ruin your day. And… it will help you attract more of the good stuff, and less of the bad.

You know I’m a yogi right? So it shouldn’t be hard to connect the dots here. If you’re already backing away, like this is not for you let me challenge you to explore why you think you can’t.

5 minutes of meditation a day WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! So take out your phone right now. Open up your alarm. Set it for 5 minutes earlier. Set it for the whole week. Stop complaining and just do it. Tomorrow you will get up, do your morning meditation and then get on with your day.

We are going to do the meditation right now though so we don’t loose any traction. This meditation is very simple. You will focus on your breath for 5 minutes. That’s it. Set a timer. If you need to, put on some music. If it helps, you can say in your mind inhale, and exhale on each breath. Or count to 10 breaths then start over again. When you notice thoughts come into your mind, you will practice redirecting your attention back to the breath.

Do not be concerned with how many times over the 5 minutes you have to draw your thoughts back to the breath. That’s the whole point. To strengthen the ability to notice runaway thoughts and direct them where we want them to go. Don’t do this in bed, get up, get dressed and find a comfortable place to sit. (This is so you don’t go back to sleep and bail on yourself.)

When the timer goes off grab a pen and paper and do a few minutes of free writing. Write down whatever comes into your mind. This is when the inspiration happens. You take 5 minutes to clear the clutter. When you blow away all that ash you will find the diamonds.

Happy Meditating!

Love always,


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