The Easy Button is Not Worth Your Time

Let’s talk about the concept of easy. It is an insidious thought. That if it isn’t easy, fast and painless, that it isn’t going to work. This is where I feel like “The Secret” got it wrong. Remember the scene where the guy was driving the car from his armchair, then he got the car? But what about the middle part? What about all the things he acted upon to get to that point? The middle is where the real secret is.

Can I posit that if it is easy, that you weren’t dreaming big enough? Maybe you need a bigger challenge if it was that easy? Something that comes easily does us a disservice. If we get something easily, it does not train us for the next task and it certainly doesn’t require us to develop new skills. Can we flip the script on easy and say that if we do hard things, it gives us the strength to improve, and keep going, and develop confidence in ourselves? This is where the real magic happens! This is how we make our lives great. That hard things are actually a good sign because it helps us become stronger, more capable people?

Elizabeth Gilbert offers us the concept of a Shit Sandwich in her book Big Magic. Any given creative endeavor comes with its own flavour of shit sandwich. When you love your art so much you are willing to eat the shit sandwich in order to continue to play in its arena, that’s when you know you are on the right path. Even though its not all sandwich so to speak, you have to figure out how to enjoy it as a part of the process. Or at very least, not let it derail you from accomplishing what you are working on. This is so relevant to us spiritual entrepreneurs. Each goal will have its own Shit Sandwich. And tackling the shit as part of the puzzle of bringing the goal into reality is when you know you are operating in that zone of genius. That zone of creation. What I’ve also found is that not taking action towards our goals and dreams is its own shit sandwich. Playing small, mitigating risk, backing down from hard work, a challenge, and a puzzle all have the drawback of what if. As far as I’m concerned, Big Magic should be required reading if you want to live a life of greatness. It has so many profound gems.

We may reframe bad things to make them more tolerable, which I fully recommend BTW. I suggest that you learn how to relish hard days. Count the win, that you came out of it alive, maybe a little tarnished, but alive. Lessons learned, forgiveness extended, progress made. Maybe minor progress, but this day, the hard one, is what prepared you for the challenges tomorrow. So, choose to tell a different story about easy and hard. Because the stories we tell our self about our days, become the stories we tell about our life. What are you repeating? What are you practicing? Are you practicing the story that you killed it problem solving your day? That you learned from situations and mistakes? Or are you telling the story of woe and victimhood. Have you had a hard life or a great life? Did the problems of the past make you who you are today, or did they bury your confidence, light and joy? Its not too late to fix that story in case you were wondering. There is no statute of limitations on telling yourself a better story about your past, whether that was one minute ago, or a lifetime ago.

Love Always,


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