Ready, Aim... Now What?

You did it! You set some goals! But now that you know what you want to manifest, how do you intend to do it? This is the missing piece in what most people teach about LOA. They get the goal part, and the focus on the outcome, but the middle part is the most challenging part. Mostly because when you try to think things that you are not used to thinking, it is often more complicated than just focus on the positive thoughts and feel the emotions of having it now.

Why? Because if you are trying to think new thoughts, it takes practice. It is also unrealistic to think that you will never have negative thoughts and feelings about the situation again. In fact, you will always be managing your negative thoughts because growth means you stir up negative thoughts and emotions. Don’t worry, its normal. Just your brain’s way of trying to protect you from change.

That brings me back to what do you do in the mean time. Often it is tempting to give up when you come across resistance and negativity towards a goal. But you should take it as a good sign. That you have stimulated your brain to resist because you have been thinking new thoughts means you are on the right path. But what do you do about it? The real work begins here. You have to figure out what your sub conscious programming is about your goal, then either reinforce it, or reprogram it so that you are able to align with your goals.

I know what you’re thinking... The sub conscious is just that. Sub Conscious. How can I know what I’m not aware of thinking? You do it with intention. You deliberately seek it out and decide what you want to believe. The subconscious leaves clues to its mysterious ways in the things we believe, the things we say and the actions we take. There are a number of ways we can access these hidden programs. Guided meditations are one of my favorite tools. I often use it in combination with journaling exercises. You can use other tools as well. I love using tarot cards as a way to open a dialogue with the subconscious. You have to trust your intuition about what you are thinking about the card that is drawn. (Once again, using journaling in combination is hella helpful) You can use crystals by intuitively picking one, or several in a grid. Essential oils with meditation, doing yoga. There are so many ways to tap into your subconscious thoughts, but you have to find one that works with you. Essentially you want to start thinking about what you’re thinking about. If you’re not used to examining your thoughts, you might want to do a thought/feeling journal for a week or so. Either set a timer on your phone 4 times a day to stop for a few minutes and write down what you are feeling and what thoughts are creating it. Or you can stop when you notice you are feeling irritated, angry etc and write down your thoughts in those moments.

Once you have a handle on what beliefs and actions might be standing in your way, you have to go to work with reprogramming tools, like clearing the energy and releasing the old beliefs and replacing with new beliefs using affirmations, questions or other repetition of thoughts. I really like to use questions at this point because it puts your conscious brain to work on finding ways to believe new things. Asking yourself the question “What actions, thoughts and beliefs do I need to adopt to (insert goal here)” every morning for a week can reveal a lot.

The last thing is that you need to be willing to do is take action. It is all in your head, until you start taking action to actually realize your dreams. Be open to the signs of inspiration. When your intuition says you need to get up at 5am to do something creative rather than stay in bed... listen to it. Or you have a great conversation with a friend, and it inspires you to action. Listen. Follow the signs of life. This is why a daily manifestation routine is so powerful. If you deliberately take time to tune in, you will be more likely to take action on those prompts from the universe.

Happy manifesting my friend!

Love Always,


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