How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Are you your biggest critic? Do you talk yourself out of taking action towards your dreams? Have you convinced yourself that it is too hard, you aren’t good enough, other people can do it, but not you? You, my friend, need to get out of your own way. I break ways of blocking your success into 2 categories. Conscious and Subconscious. If you are consciously blocking yourself, you know what you are doing. You say yes to the wrong things, and know that what you are doing is not going to get you where you want to go. When you know what is blocking you, then you have to break the habit of doing or thinking that way.

Look for things you tell yourself about your supposedly fixed qualities. Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? A procrastinator? Too busy? Too stressed? What are you telling yourself about yourself that you are investing thoughts and energy into? Consider shifting your energy into a thought like “I get things done.” Or “I trust my intuition to guide me towards my goals.” What story can you start telling yourself that will help you, rather than hinder you. This is where affirmations really shine. When you can tailor them to your specific challenges. You can also try questions. They get the brain working for you to help solve problems. Making your questions and affirmations should speak to you. Consider recording them and playing them on a loop while you are doing other tasks.

If you are sub consciously blocking yourself, you will need to figure out what your subconscious is saying that is driving most of your thinking. These thoughts are responsible for creating your emotions which are influencing your actions. You need to bring the subconscious into the conscious mind. Then decide whether it is serving you to think that way. If not, reprogram yourself using the conscious mind until it becomes ingrained in the sub conscious mind again.

I suggest tracking your emotions at different times of day for a week. Its super simple, just write down what you are feeling, and figure out what thought is causing that emotion. After a while, you will be able to see patterns. Then you can go to work on clearing the energy and reprogramming your beliefs with questions and affirmations. (You can also use a variety of other tools that I describe in other posts.)

You have the power to let your past, your thoughts and your programming stand in the way of your success. You have to start telling yourself a story that serves you rather than hinders. It can take practice to do this, but I know you can do it. You don’t have to be a slave to your past thoughts, feelings and circumstances. Choose to evolve, then take action towards being the person you need to be to live your #bestlife.

Love Always,


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