How to Execute on Goals

Goals are awesome. Necessary. Life Changing. But unless you execute on your goals, they are just a lovely thought. A dream. A wish. So, that begs the question: how do I bring this wonderful plan, into reality?

Basically? You will have to get to “work.” I use quotation marks because if you have listened to any of Abraham or Wayne Dyer, they will say that it is only difficult if you think it is. Which is a brilliant reframe, one I want you to adopt, but it doesn’t negate the fact that you will have to take action in order to see what you want in your life. The “work” part is optional, but the action is not.

So the first step is to break your mega goals down into smaller goals. Pieces of goals that you can accomplish in a short period of time (a day is ideal, but you can also look week to week.) You might be able to map out every last step, or some may have to adapt as you get going, but start with smaller pieces of those massive goals. You may need to break them down further again. Keep breaking them down until you have manageable pieces you can complete in a day or a week. These small steps become your Critical 6 every day. This is how we take big goals, and put them on our to-do list. If your brain is struggling with this type of categorization, just ask yourself: What is the next step towards this goal? What can I do TODAY to move me in that direction? Put that on your critical 6 and do it. Then keep doing it.

Sometimes you just need to keep moving towards the signs of life. Do things that your intuition tells you to do. Look for things that make you feel happy, inspired, motivated and move towards that. Sometimes a detailed plan is awesome, but don’t be afraid to free-style sometimes. Just make sure you keep the big picture in mind when you are doing this because it can be a slippery slope back into default mode if you are free-styling because it is less work. If your intuition is telling you that you are choosing ease, go back to scripting your plan.

The next question is how do you keep doing it? Focusing on your goal until completion can be a challenge, so you will need some fuel to keep you going. Cultivating emotions like motivation, successfulness and productiveness are my go-to emotional fuel. None of these emotions are comfortable for me. So I have to combine it with gratitude, happiness and acceptance. All the while combating the fear, self-judgement, anxiety etc. that doing and thinking new things brings up. Which sounds like a lot. But you get practiced at choosing which emotions you will invest in. If you keep practicing the emotion of motivation, it will come easier and easier. It’s just that most of us are more practiced at thinking thoughts of self-loathing rather than confidence. You still experience the negative emotion, but you aren’t at its mercy anymore. It’s like: I see you fear, I feel you fear, but you don’t get to drive, or navigate, or have too much air time.

The one thing that always shocks me is that I have to keep consciously choosing fuel emotions. I have to be deliberate in thinking the thoughts that will create it. I still get caught up in the idea that it should be automatic. I identified a goal, now brain, until I tell you otherwise, maintain your focus... What a joke! But maybe the reframe I need is that I find joy in managing my emotions in order to get me where I need to be. And that is how affirmations are born.

So the questions to ask yourself:

1. What fuel (emotions) do I need to get the job done? Also consider that you will need fuel to maintain focus (these are those feel good emotions like joy, peace etc. that remind you why its all worth it) even though it is not as fresh and new as before and what fuel has enough power to help you manage negative emotions?

2. What are the negative emotions that are standing in my way? What default thinking patterns are sabotaging your progress? Typically these are the usual suspects (which are different for everyone, mine are anxiety, self judgement and fear of being seen and judged.) Yours might be a little different, or it may be determined by the goal you are trying to manifest. Identify them. When you feel them, give them some space, and dig into the sensation of the emotion. Then redirect your mind and body back to the sensation of your fuel emotions. If you don’t know what these emotions are, do the emotion/thought tracking exercise from day 2.

3. How/Who will keep me accountable? Some people are good at keeping themselves accountable. Sometimes you need a little help. Its all good, just think about it in advance. Who can you ask to be your accountability partner on this? What intrinsic motivators will keep you accountable?

All right, my friends. That's it for today. I'd love to see you out there in the arena of life manifesting your heart out, so go execute on some goals. See you soon!

Love Always,


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