Failure is Only Failure if You Don't Learn Anything

I don’t know anyone, no matter how self-actualized who hasn’t run across challenges, difficulties or troubles in their life.  In other words, failure.  If you’ve spent any time at all looking into LOA, you know that thoughts create our experiences.  So, in turn, your thoughts are responsible for every experience in your life.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  Uncomfortable silence. 

There is a tendency to feel like we aren’t doing it right, or good enough.  Sometimes we start to feel like we are not good enough.  Let me stop you right there.  Consider a life where everything was easy.  You never had any mountains to climb, you received everything that you wanted the moment you thought about it, and spent your days blissfully drinking Mai Tai’s on the beach.  Boring.  And, not very productive from a mental or spiritual perspective.  Think of the last time you accomplished something difficult.  The buzz.  The rush.  The power.  I don’t know about you, but an easy life, is not something I strive for.  Moments of ease?  Yes.  Basking in the glory of manifesting something awesome?  Yes.  But a whole lifetime of ease?  No thank you.  Where is the growth? Where is the motivation to create, and build and strive for something great? 

But all that probably doesn’t help when you’re right in the middle of some shitty circumstances.  Have you thought about the times when we have manifested things we don’t want, as ways of growing? That the bad things we bring into our existence stimulate change, and learning and opportunities for our soul to expand?  I know these words don’t help you put food on the table, or pay the rent, but maybe it helps you find meaning in the situation you find yourself in.  How many times have you had a life changing epiphany when things are going well?  Its not out of the realm of possibility, but for me, the great and wonderful things grow out of the shit of the bad.  Often times the bad things help me clarify what I do want, and by learning to release some of these things, thoughts and beliefs, I make room for new and better things. 

My worldview believes that if you are not learning, you are dying.  I believe my life will end when I no longer have anything to learn in this lifetime.  I also believe that I have and will have many lifetimes, and that I don’t have to learn everything my soul will ever learn in this one. Its all good if we don’t agree on the technicalities like reincarnation.  Maybe I’m wrong, and we only get one kick at the can.  We won’t know until we’re dead one way or the other. But either way, shouldn’t we do our best to make this an awesome life?

Just think about this: Things don’t happen TO you, they happen FOR you.  Even getting fired from that job, missing that flight and having that illness.  We always have control over our attitude.  In any situation.  We can take a bad thing and choose to suffer through it.  Or we can feel the feels, do the work and get on with making fertilizer to grow the new and better things. 

Crappy things help us look for the signs of life.  The things that fire up our soul.  The things that feel a little better lead to the things that create a better life.  If you’re struggling right now with something, ask yourself if you are the one making it harder.  Ask yourself what would you prefer instead? And ask yourself what are the signs of life that I need to move towards?  And if we are looking at the path to greatness, the things we really want, the big and important things.  They are not simple manifestations.  And they shouldn’t be!  Learning = life purpose.  So pick a big dream, learn along the way, fail along the way, and live your big, messy #bestlife

Love Always,


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