Can You Hit a Moving Target?

Am I right in saying you have some area of your life that you are dissatisfied with? Typically people who are into LOA have a dilemma in one of 3 categories: Health, Wealth and Relationships. And, most times, people who are here are not new to the concepts of manifesting using Law of Attraction. So, clearly, if you know the mechanics of LOA, and your results are inconsistent…. What’s missing?

There are actually a few pieces that people often miss when they work with LOA:

Focus. I get it. Life has many competing priorities. It is difficult to remain focused on your goal if your house is burning down around you. Or less dramatically, you are unexpectedly invited out, or you get a flat tire, or your kids get sick, or, or, or… In yoga we call this the monkey mind. It drags our attention away from the breath, and takes us out of a meditative state… or does it? Have you considered that these distractions are training to develop focus? That the more you flex the muscle of choosing your thoughts deliberately rather than being reactionary, you improve your focus?

Failure to plan (properly.) If you ask someone in the general population they might be able to give you a vague answer about their goals and how they are executing them. In the people who are initiated to manifesting? Probably less vague, but often times, not much better than the muggles. But the high achievers? The ones who are killing it in their home life, their bank accounts and their health? There is nothing vague about their plan. They schedule success, break it down to manageable pieces and start. They get shit done. And even more importantly, they get the right shit done.

Accountability. This can be really challenging. You start telling someone important to you about your dream. You aren’t even to the best part yet and they are already telling you all the reasons why it won’t work and you can’t do it. Out of love of course. It shakes your confidence, disrupts your focus and often takes you to a negative head space where nothing productive is manifesting.

The big belief fail with these factors is that we tend to think of them as static. We think that if we don’t get exactly what we envisioned, exactly the way you wanted it, and immediately that it didn’t work. That you failed at one or all of the things above. It doesn’t work that way. LOA is not a fixed point, so much as a feedback loop. The trick is figuring out how to make it a daily practice that includes assessing your progress and tweaking the plan as opportunities present themselves. As you get stronger, more focused, and better at capturing opportunities that lead to accomplishing goals, you accelerate your manifesting.

Love Always,


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