I think everyone can agree that we want to lead our #bestlife. We want to be #authentic, and #grateful. But does it ever feel like #bull$hit? Like this is the most perfect coffee ever and I am so #grateful that my barrista knows exactly how I like it @starbucks? If you missed my sub context, it was #eyeroll. Or the carefully cultivated #authenticity that is staged and filtered like a Hollywood movie? Like a simple pleasure isn’t real unless it is documented, liked and followed?

I believe that our intentions are real, but our application is off. We know the path to the life we want to lead is through authenticity, gratitude and love, but we have trouble maintaining focus on those thoughts long enough to manifest them into our life in any meaningful way. Or we get distracted by some problem, drama or situation that ends up consuming our thoughts, which creates negative emotions. If this resonates with you, you are already on the right track. You have already discovered the concept that our internal worlds are what create our external world. That our thoughts and feelings are the most powerful force in making actual changes in the life we want to lead.

You are probably already aware that we need to train ourselves to think and feel a certain way in order to see the results we want, because otherwise, you wouldn’t still be reading this. We need to be consistent in our approach to mental wellbeing as much as our physical body. It is OK to want some help and support in the process. I know you are already rocking it, and doing a great job finding ways to live your actual #bestlife. But dang it, don’t you just sometimes wish that your attention span was just a little longer? That you could actually see some results before getting swept up in something new?

Habitual thought patterns are just that, a habit. Experts say that it takes approximately 21 days to change a habit. The first 7 days of any habit change (stopping or starting something) are the most critical. But the remaining days, are what forms the habit. In order to be successful with LOA, you have to form the habit, or routine of daily practice. You’re not going to like this, because I don’t have an easy button for this. It takes a commitment to doing daily (or almost daily) mindset work. Its not hard, or unpleasant work, but it is important. And it does have to be prioritized and scheduled just like you would if you were committing to an exercise regime. It also takes a commitment to yourself to examine some of the darker corners of your mind and reactions. We spend a lot of time avoiding negative emotions, so it can be a tough sell to take a good look at your own dirty laundry. But in order to make room for new thoughts, sometimes it is necessary to clear out the old.

I think there is a tendency to think that once you are aware that thoughts create things that it is, and should be easy to change our thoughts to focus on what we want. Not so fast, Batman. Some things are. I would say those big, destiny level things that just flow into your life, and through you. You know what I mean. They are the things that you are acting on, before you even consciously know what you’re doing. These types of things are not regular occurrences. I would say I have only experienced these at most once a year, and probably less than that since I became an adult, and have to think about responsible adult things. But the regular, everyday manifesting, or the vague manifesting, where you know you want a change, but don’t quite know how and what it is, those take work. There is a certain degree of grind to the day to day task of creating your #bestlife.

So, I’m going to tell you what my routine is, just in case you need a starting point. It involves planning to make sure I have a target to aim for. It gives me direction, and helps me actually DO things to work towards goals. Its so important to have a big picture plan. As you work towards those goals, they may morph, but you can’t focus yourself on something if you don’t know what that something is. Even if the details are fuzzy. As you start to move towards something, the details get clearer. It also helps you to act from that place of inspiration. Planning is a way of giving your brain a puzzle to work on. And a brain loves a puzzle. In fact, I think part of our problem in our modern day society is that since survival isn’t something we need to have our brains working on most days, it finds other trivial things to worry about. So plan. If you do nothing else. Plan.

The next part of my routine involves meditation. I’m not asking for hours of time, sitting chanting Ohm. But 5 minutes to clear your brain before doing anything is my suggestion. Meditation can mean different things to different people, but what I’m suggesting is that you focus on your inhales and exhales. Each time thoughts come into your head (and they will!) you practice the habit and discipline of changing your thoughts back to the breath. This is mental exercise. It will help you in many ways, but consider when you are under stress. Do you ever just want a pause button for those negative thoughts and emotions? Meditation can help you develop that. I also find that it gets me into a creative headspace. If I am thinking and acting from this place, of post meditation inspiration, I can move mountains.

I have some planning pages that focus on gratitude work, setting an intention, identifying which goal you will work towards today, reflection and something called Critical 6, which is your 6 most important tasks that you want to complete that day. These daily to do lists should be informed by your big picture goals. Sometimes, that is it for my routine, sometimes I add to it. Maybe I do more gratitude work, journaling, guided meditations, observing and dissecting thoughts, working with blocks or limiting beliefs, using tools, objects or props to open a dialogue with the subconscious, yoga... There really are too many to list here, but I use my intuition to pick something else to do after I have finished the meditation and daily plan. Basically, the whole process can be completed in 20 minutes or less. Sometimes I want to take more time, or less, but that’s the basic routine.

In another post, I'm going to expand on the planning routine, so stay tuned for that.

Love Always,


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